Dear Insect Collectors,

We offer specimens for the amateur, and serious collector alike.

We specialise in and can offer rare and common butterflies for the Neotropical (Central/South America, Caribbean Islands), Holarctic (North America, Europe, Asia) and can frequently offer specimens from these other regions: Afrotropical (Africa, Reunion, Mauritius, Comoro Islands in the Indian Ocean), Oriental (India, Thailand to Indonesia) and the Australian (Australia, New Guinea to Fiji) regions.

Also many moths (including Sphingides and Saturnides) and beetles (mostly unidentified).

Please contact or visit our site often for our latest lists, or let us know your area of interests, or specific specimens you are wishing to add to your collection.

About us

We are planning to move from Andalusia to a different part of Spain. Whilst we relocate we are interested in new suppliers from Central and South America. If you have good quality material to sell or exchange please contact us.

We are always interested in new suppliers from anywhere in the world. So if you have good quality material to sell or exchange please contact us. I am always interested in purchasing old collections if of good quality.

Please bookmark this site

The website will be constantly updated with new information pictures and specimens for sale. So add our site to your bookmarks or favourites so you can easily find us next time around.

Hope to hear from you soon.